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Aahana Mulla
Watch on | 60 mins Mon,Wed | 04:00 PM

Available Group Size: 9 – 15

Aahana is a multipreneur. She aligns and realigns herself to the roles of being an author, a content writer, a solution oriented therapist, a poet, a marketing consultant, a spoken word artist & a speaker.

She is an all-round human enthusiast, which serves to be the driving force for all that she does and experiences. She uses her writing and therapy skills to conduct workshops related to mental & emotional well-being. In these workshops, she uses different techniques of creative writing & on the go meditation as therapy tools to help accept, align & community build. She conducts these workshops at colleges, corporates, wellness centres and online. She has also been a speaker at institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, Oriental College of Law, Sanpada College of Commerce & Technology.

You can request Aahana to conduct a workshop on any 1 of the following themes per booking at the start of the show.


RESCRIPT – Indulge in yourself & transmute your energy to create your best life. The world is going through a transformation – you should too.

NEGATIVE PATTERN CHANGING – Renew your internal like you do your external & experience the wonders that come with it. A deep dive into your subconscious mind where the patterns are formed.

CO – CREATE TO BE THE BEST TEAM MATE – Adapt to the new paradigm where WFH is a big part of l ife. Learn the power of understanding your skill sets and blending them.

K(no)W YOUR BOUNDARIES – Learn to honour yourself and your needs without feeling guilty.

LOVE BANK – Create an account that allows for the abundance in all areas of your life to flow. Probably the most important account of them all.

WHAT IF – Tools to change your narrative, beat the anxiety and build the belief system that it could all work out just the way you want or even better.

CLUSTER WRITING – Create a visual map with words to tell your story. ​

FREE FLOW WRITING – Unblock the barriers and connect with your purest self to either tell your story or let go of your stress or live with emotional freedom.

POETRY WRITING – Learn how to put your words together to create your very own poetry – one of the most timeless forms of art.

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